What is Xobuya?

An ecosystem

Xobuya is an app and software solution stored in the cloud. Xobuya is the centre piece of the puzzle, we are the glue that makes all the services (crm, calendar, accounting, sms, email, addresses, pdf etc etc) work together seamlessly so you don’t have to log in and manage several different systems.

Tailored for the Shade Solutions industry

Xobuya has been built specifically for the Shade Solutions industry. It is aimed at boutique businesses who purchase from suppliers.

How much does it cost? View pricing here

Lock in contract

No lock in contract, Xobuya is month by month. Add or remove users depending on your business needs.

What is included in the subscription?

The whole kitchen sink pretty much.

  • Cloud hosted private database
  • Backed up every day
  • iOS/macOS/Google calendars
  • Support, 8:30am – 5pm, Mon – Fri, except weekends and public holidays
  • Free updates
  • 256 bit encrypted
  • Custom SMS number
  • RESTful API (you can receive data from other apps)

How do you take payments?

The subscription is billed a month in advance, and services are billed for that month (SMS & Email usage), we invoice you on the last day of each month. We store your credit card details securely (meets PCI compliance) and charge your credit card for the invoiced amount 3 days later.

Where can I use it?

Office / Home [wifi/ethernet]

Desktop computers (Windows & Mac) are connected to the app live, this means changes are instantaneous. This would be accessed using a wifi or hard wired internet connection. If you can access the internet, you can access the app.

Field [wifi/3G/4G]

Field iPads and iPhones are spoilt, we’ve created an offline version, this means you can continue to quote without access to the internet – the device will magically sync for you. Offline is one of the most loved features of the app – especially for sales people!

How secure is Xobuya?


The database servers are located in a state of the art hosting facility, Global Switch. Global Switch is a global supplier, is IS09005 accredited and APRA compliant. The databases are 256 bit encrypted, and each user’s password is one way hash encrypted, each user must have their own account and is authenticated everytime they use open the app.

Who owns the data?

You own your data, we don’t provide any of your data to 3rd parties. We don’t want your data, we don’t want to do anything with it but look after it for you. Only someone with a valid username and password to your specific database can open the database.

What does Xobuya work with?


  • Xero [accounting]
  • Stripe & BPoint [payments]
  • SMS & Email
  • PDF
  • Google Autocomplete
  • Bit.Ly [url shortener]
  • FTP [minimal document storage]

Why only Xero?

Xero is a pure cloud accounting system and we love it. Used by over 1 million subscribers worldwide. Xero also provides an Employee app called XeroMe allowing your employees to submit leave and retrieve payslips, the best thing about XeroMe is that it’s free.

What are some tech features?

Deep iOS Integration

As Xobuya is deeply integrated with iOS, we leverage a lot of the iOS operating system

  • Camera – Take pictures and mark them up
  • Voice recognition – Dictate voice into text, why type when you can speak?
  • Calendar – Open quotes from the calendar app, no need to search a thing
  • Microphone – Record a voice note
  • Speakers – Listen to a voice note
  • Notifications – Know how you’re tracking against your Sales targets
  • Background sync – Sync is completely managed, you don’t even know it’s happening


Getting deep here, each app has a RESTful API. This means you can receive order updates from suppliers, have web enquires automatically create clients in the app – and many more, watch this space.

Syncing Framework

The app has a full sync framework, this means you can run your entire business off an iPad. The iPad is as functional as the desktop.